Hi, I am Minou

Impact and radical transformation are at the core of everything I do!

Hi, I am Minou

A regenerative business facilitator here to help you break with business as usual and embrace regeneration to future proof your business and humanity.

My vision

Embrace the regenerative mindset and future proof your business



Minou Schillings is on a mission to infuse business with Imagination and Regeneration. Her motto is simple: “When you never change your mind, why have one?” As a regenerative explorer, she is dedicated to helping impact intrapreneurs and business leaders to shed old-school thinking and embrace a brighter, radically different & sustainable future.

Minou’s Dutch roots ensure you’re in for a direct, no-nonsense, and Down-To-Gaia experience. She’s a disarming speaker on a mission to make the complex accessible, the unimaginable possible and the future radically different and better for all life on earth.

She chooses collaboration over competition and the train over a corner office. As the initiator of the Shifting Horizons movement, Minou will take you on a journey to Unlearn, Imagine and Transform.

Why Minou is the right guide, facilitator and (un)teacher? Minou:

  • has worked with individuals, groups and teams on a wide range of regeneration and sustainability challenges in business.
  • is a natural creative systems thinker and will constantly challenge you to push the boundaries of your imagination. 
  • is a skilled and trained facilitator experienced in guiding groups through creative thinking and innovation processes. 
  • has a strong educational background in Creativity and Innovation and completed here masters at the Edward De Bono Institute for the development of thinking. 
  • has been laser focussed on creating positive impact through business from the start of her career. 
  • is trained as B Leader, Design Thinker and Systems Thinker.
what ignites me?

my why

I believe that the planet is awesome and people are awesome. But let’s be honest, the way we are currently living our lives around the globe is neither good for the planet or people. We have to start working towards a future where people and nature thrive together. 

The scientific community around the world came to a solid conclusion many years ago; we have to change the way we live before we irreversible alter the climate on this planet to a situation that isn’t suitable anymore for humans to live and thrive in.

I love human beings,  their empathy, creativity, resilience and love for life. That’s why my passion is to accelerate the global sustainability transition. To create a world in which all life forms thrive.  

With The Green Sprint we guide and facilitate organisations on their sustainability journey, enabling them to develop strategies and innovate; and transform business models, processes and products/services from destructive, to sustainable, to regenerative. 

I absolutely love what I do, and I firmly believe that we can build a happier, more sustainable and more inclusive future for all.

my services, skills and other stuff I love to do

How can i help you?

I have always been a curious, autonomous T-shaped person. I Am fascinated and interested in many different sectors and professions. This reflects in my work life as well. I can help you in various roles; from innovation facilitation to creative thinking workshopper, public speaker or sustainability consultant. 


Does your organisation have sustainable goals but doesn’t exactly know how to realize them? I can help you realize your sustainability goals by facilitating innovation processes and combining this with a broad knowledge in Sustainability and New Economy business models.

  • Design Sprints 
  • Systems thinking 
  • Strategy Sprint
  • Theory of Change


Do you want to spark, challenge your (soon to be green) brain? Are you in need of a thought-provoking speaker for your next event? Or a guest for an upcoming podcast or blog? I inspired many individuals and businesses to take action and start exploring their pathways to a regenerative future.

Don’t expect business as usual when you invite me. I come with a good dose of storytelling, riddles and imagination. 

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Are you looking to unleash your creative potential to take on sustainability challenges? Do you want to learn more about creative, lateral and critical thinking? I am all up for it! I create & facilitate workshops that unleash your creative thinking skills so you and your team can accelerate the sustainable transition.

  • Sustainability 101
  • Impact Strategy 
  • Business Model Innovation


Do you want to become a B Corp but are you struggling to successfully complete the B impact assessment? I can help you: 

  • With the Impact Assessment and the reporting 
  • Aligning on goals and improvements
  • Setting up a company-wide team of B Champions. 


Join The Green Sprints Regenerative Pathways Exploration Program to UNlearn the business as usual mindset and explore your pathways to a regenerative future

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Do you want to accelerate your businesses journey to a regenerative future but you don’t know where to get started or how to proceed? Together we will figure out what the next steps are for your organization. 

Projects & Businesses


With The Green Sprint, we are on a mission to accelerate the global transition to the new economy. 

We guide and facilitate organisations on their sustainability journey, enabling them to develop strategies and innovate; and transform business models, processes and products / services  from destructive, to sustainable, to regenerative.

With the Sustainability Sessions we aim to inform, inspire and connect professionals focussed on sustainable & social development. The sessions are a mix between thought-provoking conversations with sustainability focussed experts and the exploration of creative & innovative techniques. 


CoCoHub is the first decentralized global coliving & coworking community for digital nomads. We enable individuals to kick-start local communities of location independent professionals within their cities.

Nomad Island Malta is an iniative of the Malta Digital Nomad Association. Founded by Daniel Goebel, Loic Moncany and me in 2021. 

The overall aim of the Malta Digital Nomad Association is to lead the whole nation of Malta into prospering toward a sustainable future following a 2030 Vision.



The Green Sprint helps individuals and teams to leave the business as usual mindset behind and redesign products, business models and strategy’s through a new and regenerative lens.

"using business as a force for good"

B Lab

I am proud to be a

B Leader

B Leaders are experienced sustainability and CSR professionals who have been trained to guide businesses through B Corp certification.

B Leaders complete an intensive 5-day training programme covering all areas of B Corp certification and the B Impact Assessment. As trained professionals we offer guidance and support to companies thinking about, preparing for or going through the B Corp certification process.

"Building livable communities isn’t rocket science. It’s much more complicated.
The real solution will be in the hard, non-technical work of changing human behaviour"

Naomi Klein

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